Concept of “Complete dentistry”, established by Dr Peter Dawson (world renowned authority in dental field) and The Dawson Academy, is fully embraced and implemented in our practice.  Fellow dentists recognized the importance of the harmony in the whole masticatory system (jaw joints, muscles,jaws and teeth) for the patients well being. The philosophy goes beyond the “usual and customary” concept of drill and fill dentistry and dentists being seen as”tooth mechanics”. It is our opinion that every patient deserves complete examination and level of dental care that as a goal has establishing of oral health that will provide long term stability. Complete dentists are trained to recognize at an earliest stages the signs of instability in the stomatognathic system that lead to symptoms often painful and uncomfortable for the patients. The first step in understanding complete dentistry is identifying the things that may keep your mouth from being as healthy as it can be.

Most of the problems we see are caused either by bacterial invasion or excessive forces (biting forces) that our teeth are exposed to. Presence of cariogenic bacteria in our mouth and nutrition rich in fermentable carbohydrates can be blamed for cavities and gum disease by producing acids/endotoxins that break down tooth structure and stimulate your immune system’s inflammatory response. Science is revealing that this inflammatory response is linked to many significant medical problems including an increased risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and pre-term/low birth weight babies.

As complete dentists and dental hygienists we help to educate patients on oral hygiene, treat existing carious and periodontal lesions and prevent onset of new ones and progression of existing mostly chronic conditions. Damage to teeth and supporting masticatory structures caused by excessive forces and bite problems are often times overlooked and as a result have presence of an  “Occlusal Disease”. The most common signs and symptoms include worn and broken teeth or restorations, gum recession, bone loss, temperature sensitivity, loosening teeth, headaches, and pain or clicking in the jaw joints. In nature the form follows function. Teeth that are in harmonious function with the surrounding muscles, bone, and jaw joints do not suffer from occlusal disease Professionals in our practice are specially trained to detect and treat the symptoms associated with problems of “bad bite” and “worn dentition”.

After diagnosing the problem, through gathering of records (photos, teeth impressions, bite records . . .) we perform complete occlusal functional-esthetic analysis.

Findings are reviewed with patients in relaxing and personal manner where Dr`s Golalic are available to answer any questions and concerns they might have.  Treatment options are discussed and customized, minimally invasive plans are created to rehabilitate patients dentition.

The most beautiful smile is the one that is healthy and functionally stable. As complete dentists we are confident that we can create beautiful smiles for life!