Our patient services coordinators are prepared to help you and assist with any question you might have regarding your treatment, scheduling, insurance benefits and finances.

Traci is our treatment coordinator and  facilitator offering outstanding customer service and broad knowledge of dental subjects and terminology. She carries a bachelors degree. Traci is a mother of two boys and enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Marti is our scheduling coordinator with extensive experience working in different specialties of dental industry.


Enhancing the oral health of our patients through education and clinical expertise is the passion of our hygiene team.

Maria has been recognized in the dental community as an expert in the dental hygiene field with the wealth of professional experience and active participation in continuing education seminars nationwide. Maria holds a designation of public health dental hygienist and is promoter of dental health that has benefited all of her patients. She resides in Carlisle, enjoys reading and possess wonderful calligraphic skills.

Alessandra graduated from dental hygiene program at the Harrisburg Area Community College. She is highly skilled and compassionate practitioner certified in providing dental anesthesia. Love for her family, husky dog and D.C. sports fulfills her pastime.

Regan is the gentle and caring dental hygienist that graduated from the prestigious dental hygiene program in Williamsport, PA. Her broad knowledge of clinical procedures and genuine care for the patients are promising in creating another dental professional for our community. Regan is continuously participating in dental mission trips providing care to the patients in need.


The genuine wish to assist patients in creating beautiful smiles drives our restorative team.

Dana is our dental assistant and supports our patients and doctors in many aspects of clinical care. She has wealth of experience in patient management, laboratory work and chairside assisting. Dana is an active mother of two boys and enjoys after school sports and activities with her family.

Alisha is our chairside assistant that strives to always provide a positive experience for our patients. Her upbeat, friendly personality is essential in creating a great working environment. She resides in Greencastle with her family.