Invention of intraoral scanners in dentistry has created a revolution in diagnosis and treatment of patients. In the past 10 years technology has improved tremendously and intraoral scanners became the new normal in fabrication of impressions, creating clear aligners for orthodontics, fabrication of occlusal mouthguards, capturing relationship between the jaws etc.

Our patients have the opportunity and privilege to enjoy the use of Itero intraoral scanner and the feedback has been fantastic. “Wow!”, “Cool!”, “This is better than gooey stuff…” – were just some of the comments our patient had upon experiencing ease of use and results of scans done of their teeth.

We are hopeful that technology will improve even further and completely eliminate the need for traditional impression fabrication, pouring of the models in plaster etc. As of now we still find that the use of traditional impressions for certain clinical indications still exists, however time will tell for how much longer.

The use of ultramodern technology only benefits the patients if it is paired with sound knowledge of dental foundations. Our dental practice has it both so feel free to say “WOW!” next time you see your teeth on a touchscreen monitor after scanning is completed.