Understanding the five stages of tooth decay


Did you know there are five distinct stages of tooth decay? And, that in the first stage of decay, you
can actually take steps to reverse the progression of the disease? Indeed, it’s true. In the first stage
of decay, whether you’re a child or an adult, the application of fluoride via fluoride treatments, your
toothpaste and even the local water supply can stop a cavity from penetrating through the enamel
and reaching its second stage. Even the saliva in your mouth and the foods you eat help to re-mineralize a tooth in jeopardy.

Stage One: White Spots

In stage one, the tooth begins to show signs of strain from the attack of sugars and acids, and
white spots will begin to materialize just below the surface of the enamel. These white spots are
representative of the demineralization of the tooth and can be easy to miss because they’re likely
to […]

Oral rinse to win the battle with mouth ulcers


When you come to see our dental hygienists you don`t get just a cleaning. Your care is customized to your specific needs.

If you suffer from canker sores or mouth ulcers or if you have mild oral tissue inflammation from wearing dentures or orthodontic retainers or brackets your gum tissues might be red and sore. Well, our dental hygienists will recommend an oral rinse that will help you to resolve the issue. One of the products you might explore is an over the counter product that can aid in healing process of your gum tissues.

It is called Peroxyl  – made by Colgate corporation.  An oral rinse containing 1.5% hydrogen peroxide. It is designed to be used for temporary relief of oral discomfort and for healing of oral ulcers with a pleasantly mild flavor. We have found that among other products it is a difference maker for your oral health. If you […]

What toothpaste is right for me?

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Selecting the right toothpaste has become a challenge nowadays as there are so many out there on the shelves of grocery stores and pharmacies.

Most consumers and patient are not sure what to use and that is a common question we hear everyday in our practice. Shall we trust the commercials, go by the cost of it or are they all the same and it really doesn`t matter what kind we use.

Here are some helpful tips when selecting the most appropriate toothpaste for yourself.

  1.  Fluorides are very important to increase and maintain resistance of the tooth to decay. Ideally, over the counter toothpastes should have at least 1000 parts per million (ppm) of fluoride in every tube. Finding American Dental Association stamp of approval on the package is another valuable, but not essential characteristic. Per recommendation from your dentist and dental hygienist you can utilize toothpastes with 5000 ppm of fluoride […]

BOTOX: do I like it, love it or can`t live without it?

2018-10-04T20:41:25-04:00Facial Esthetics|

Botox for medical use is a prescription medicine that is injected into the facial muscles to temporary minimize the appearance of moderate to severe wrinkles.

It has been used for decades in the treatment of chronic migraines, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), hypersalivation, strabismus (eye misalignment)…

Cosmetic effects of the application are to smooth out the lines, creases and wrinkles on the face, chin and neck. It improves the look of the of the forehead lines, areas around eyebrows and lips.It is used as an anti-aging treatment that makes the skin look youthful and smooth. Application of it is minimally invasive and lasts no longer than ten minutes. Patient can continue with daily activities without interruption. Effects of Botox application last 3-4 months and can be extended with periodic touch-up procedures.

Are there any risks involved with the procedure? It is very safe […]

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