Root canal treatment is one of the most common and most valuable dental procedures used to treat and preserve severely broken, decayed or traumatized teeth that have an exposed, inflamed or infected pulp of the tooth. It is the main alternative to having the tooth extracted. 

Symptoms of a root canal infection or inflammation include sensitivity to hot or cold, pain upon biting, spontaneous throbbing, severe pain, presence of lumps on the gums in the area of the tip of the root etc. After severe facial trauma, root canal therapy is often indicated to preserve the tooth in full function.

After thorough clinical examination and tests that will assess the vitality and condition of the dental pulp Dr. Ana and Dr Dejan will determine the procedures necessary to rehabilitate the affected tooth. Under local anesthesia, damaged nerve tissue is painlessly removed from the tooth, canals are shaped, disinfected and filled with pulpal filling material. Treatment can be done in one or two sessions depending on the condition of the tooth. Upon completion of the root canal treatment restorative rehabilitation with composite filling or porcelain crown will follow, depending on the amount of the tooth structure lost.