Dentistry has shifted from only fixing problems to preventing problems. Dental sealants are one of the many preventive services that Carlisle Dental Studio offers. A dental sealant is a thin plastic coating that covers the grooves and depressions of back molars.  Since grooves in teeth are more likely to attract plaque and bacteria causing cavities, sealants help protect those areas to prevent tooth decay.

Placing sealants is a quick and easy procedure. The sealant quickly bonds to the tooth and is hardened by a dental light.  Who needs dental sealants? Children are the main targets for dental sealants since their brushing skills are still developing and they tend to miss areas in the back of their mouths.  However, adults are candidates for dental sealants too if certain areas are prone to having problems. With proper dental care, literature has proven that dental sealants can last many, many years.

Many insurance companies cover dental sealants at 100% up to age 14. Finances really shouldn`t be a major factor in decision making process whether to have dental sealants or not. They are one of the least expensive dental procedures with tremendous positive impact on the preservation of the integrity of our teeth. For any questions you might have regarding the procedure of placement of dental sealants please feel free to chat with our doctors, front office administrators, dental hygenists and dental assistants.