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Things You Should Know About Tooth Decay

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Dental caries is infectious and transmissible disease of tooth structure. It might surprise you that bacterial cause of tooth decay can be passed along from person to person.

Dental caries or tooth decay is caused by specific types of bacteria. They produce acid that destroys the tooth’s enamel and the layer under it, the dentin. Many different types of bacteria normally live in the human mouth. They build up on the teeth in a sticky film called plaque. This plaque also contains saliva, bits of food and other natural substances. It forms most easily in cracks, pits or grooves in the back teeth, between the teeth, around dental fillings, bridges and restorations and near the gum line.

To detect caries dental practitioner uses clinical examination, radiographic findings (x-rays) and if needed additional diagnostic tests. Only incipient (initial) carious lesions that are […]

Pediatric Dental Patients – Guidelines for Parents

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It is never “too early” when it comes to start caring about your child`s oral health. As soon as your child gets the very first tooth in its mouth start cleaning it with a small headed soft bristled tooth brush and smear layer (grain rice size) of fluoride toothpaste for kids. Never put your baby to bed with a bottle filled with anything else but water at night or at naptime. Milk, formula, juices and other sweet drinks, all have sugar in them. Sucking on a bottle filled with liquids that have sugar can cause tooth decay called “Early childhood decay” – condition very painful for children and very difficult for clinicians to treat. We all think that something like that can never happen to our kids but it is still most prevalent chronic childhood disease in the US. It is recommended for parents to start using a cup at […]

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