Adjunctive Measures To Achieve Better Oral Health

November 5, 2017

In dentistry, prevention is the key to a healthy mouth and overall healthy body. This is why it is important to visit the dentist every six months and brush and floss daily. However, sometimes patients struggle with periodontal disease or are more prone to getting tooth decay. Conventional methods of oral hygiene in these cases are just not sufficient to achieve optimal oral health. In these cases, dental professionals may suggest the use of adjunctive products to help keep the Continue reading

“Invisalign” : Getting the Facts Straight

October 8, 2017

Very often we get a question from our patients : “What is Invisalign and how it works?”. Here are a few facts that can help you to better understands this genuinely revolutionary approach in the tooth repositioning process.

Invisalign is an alternative option to the traditional wire and bracket braces. A series of Invisalign retainers made from thermoplastic material are custom made for the patient’s mouth.  Every week or two, depending on the treatment plan, the patients switch to Continue reading

Dental x-rays….Do I really need them?

September 25, 2017

Dentists and dental hygienists rely on x-rays to diagnose decay, periodontal disease, abscesses, etc. They are necessary as a part of the standard of patient care since only approximately 1/3 of the tooth can be seen clinically. It is our duty as dental professionals to provide accurate and competent care which can be done through assessing the teeth not only clinically, but also radiographically. In majority of situations patients undergo intraoral digital radiographs or Panoramic radiographs, depending on the doctors Continue reading

Hygienist tip : What Toothbrush Is Best For Me?

August 18, 2017

When you go to the store, there are so many options to choose from when looking for a new toothbrush. Some people have a steady favorite brand they like to use. Others are always on the lookout for a sale. Yet other people choose their brush based on how pretty it is and if the color is appealing.  All of these strategies will help you find a toothbrush, but it won’t guarantee that you are using the right one. Continue reading